Jun 142010

Many people accept the fact that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, but recent data on marriage and divorce statistics rates show that isn’t true. Some reports indicate that divorce rates have actually declined since peaking in the 1970s, and 10-year divorce rates have dropped dramatically with each generation. Even with these figures, divorces still happen and we when they do you should be prepared with caring and capable counsel to get you through the legal issues that lay ahead.

What about your own divorce risk? You’ll get some clues by reading the risk factors identified in a new report from the Daily Beast, which offers a list of fun facts about divorce and marriage, including data on how money problems, smoking and even whether you have a son or daughter influence your chances of staying married.

We understand that when you are faced with the challenge of dividing considerable personal, family and business assets and scheduling complex child custody, you need highly skilled and understanding Indianapolis divorce and family law lawyers.  Our Indianapolis divorce lawyers can successfully negotiate an acceptable divorce, property division and custody issues for you.

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