Jun 282010

For some people, divorce is a painful, unwanted separation. For others, it is an opportunity to make a fresh start after a marriage that hasn’t worked out. But under any circumstances, going through divorce can be stressful. Fortunately, Indiana has a relatively straightforward divorce process. Due in part to our state’s high divorce rate, the courts and legislators have produced a system that is fairly efficient, especially when experienced Indiana divorce lawyers are involved.

We help clients pursue divorce solutions. If you are considering divorce, contact us now at any of our Indiana offices to discuss how we can help.

There are many complex aspects of Indiana divorce law, but the following are among the most prominent issues that come up in divorce cases.

Indiana divorce law can be complicated but here are some important parts:

Property division: The distribution of property and other assets between spouses can become complex, but an experienced divorce attorney can usually help you work out a resolution.

Child custody and support: The best interests of the child must always come first.  The care and support of children is one of the most crucial aspects of the divorce process.

Divorce modifications: Many aspects of divorce, particularly child custody and support, can be revisited at a later date if the underlying circumstances change.

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