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Marital status in most states refers to the lawful recognition of the agreement between a man and a woman to be husband and wife. Along with the legal marital status of being married, the husband and wife acquire rights and obligations to their respective spouses. The rights and obligations normally begin when the couple is married and may continue, to a certain extent, even after the termination of the marriage. Our Indiana family lawyers can help you further define marital status and how it can effect you.

Our family law attorneys are dedicated to providing the best possible service to their clients. If you or a loved one face complex litigation in a family matter, or if you are an attorney seeking to make a client referral, we welcome your contact at the law firm of Pennamped and Associates. Our exclusive family law focus and experience makes us well equipped to respond effectively to your questions and concerns.

Divorce work is not the only thing Indiana family law lawyers can help with. Today, some people draft pre marital agreements, which spell out what the spouse gets in case of death or divorce. Our Indiana family law attorneys can help you write a pre marital agreement to protect your assets in case of divorce, or one that can provide for loved ones in case of death.

Our Indiana family law lawyers can help with:
• Divorce
• Separation
• Child support
• Child Custody
• Family court
• Pre marital agreements

While we actively participate in a variety of methods of effective dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration, our family law lawyers can be determined litigators, experienced in assisting individuals and families with complex issues such as business valuations, division of stocks and retirements accounts, custody evaluations, and parental relocations.

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