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Brain Injury Definition

This injury refers to those which lead to the brain. This injury varies from a swell to the head to the severe damage to brain.

Cause of Brain Injury

The main cause of this type of injury is direct blow to the head. This may happen due to many reasons – accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall and many other similar causes lead to this type of injury.

The Types of Brain Injury

Damaged brain – This happens as a result of direct blow to the head or medical malpractice. Some fatal disease can be held responsible for this type of injury also. When this happens, the patient suffers from memory loss or reduced life span.

TBI or traumatic brain injury – TBI is the most severe brain injury. This injury occurs as a result of damaged brain tissues. Car accidents, motorcycle accidents or slip and fall results in this type of injuries. This injury is complicated as you will not be able to see this from the surface. For this, the patients do not receive required treatment most of the times.

Legal help

If you are or a loved one has sustained brain injury due to someone else’s fault, you should seek immediate legal help. Hire an experienced Miami brain injury lawyer, who will be able to assist you in this type of situation.

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  1. I think this information is very useful to know about the whole concept of brain injury. I totally understand and thanks for posted this 2 types of brain injury, mainly the causes and how anyone can solve these problems for sure. Thanks a lot.

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