Mar 132012

In Miami petit theft is considered as theft of an item or items of lesser value. If the price of the item is less than a minimum level it is considered as a petit theft. Usually shoplifting, stealing small items or bicycle comes under petit theft charges.

What will be the punishment for petit theft?

Incase of first time offenders state will dismiss the charge after you complete anti-theft classes and provide some community services. But if this guilt is repeated several time by a person he needs to spend a considerable time in jail.

What are defense options?

Petit theft charges can be defended at court. An accused has every right to appoint a lawyer. A competent lawyer will defend your case successfully and free you from the charge.

There are several renowned Miami Criminal Attorneys. But before you appoint any one of them be sure that they have enough qualification and adequate experience to deal with this type of cases. He will study your case in details and defend the case to release you from petit theft charges. If it is not possible to free you from petit theft charges, he will see to it that you receive minimum punishments.

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