Nov 282010

If you have recently been arrested for DUI, you will be faced with many different kinds of penalties. These penalties commonly include monetary fines, suspension of your drivers license, and possibly jail time. Consequences for driving under the influence will vary from state to state, however the regulations have consistently became more strict over the […]

Jun 302010

In most DUI cases a motorist gets pulled over by an officer for a minor traffic rule violation like speeding, weaving or failing to yield. Based on the initial contact with the driver the police officer might ask the driver to step out of the vehicle. When the driver is requested to step out of […]

Jun 032010

The Indiana State Police recently conducted a sobriety checkpoint in Wayne County in conjunction with “Operation Click It or Ticket” for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.Motorists were asked to have their driver’s license and vehicle registration readily available when entering the checkpoint.  Motorists can expect short delays of only two to three minutes during the […]