Nov 012012

On any given day there are millions of commercial trucks, also known as semi-trucks, driving on our roads, sharing the roadway with drivers of average-sized cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. Due to these trucks’ large size and the added difficulty of driving them safely, a driver must first be properly trained and receive their commercial driving […]

Oct 252012

Negligence at the hands of others can cause a traumatic brain injury as occurs in some  road accidents. Other injuries to the brain can be caused by dangerous or defective products, or they may even take place at work. If you, or maybe a loved one, has suffered from a lifelong disability from a traumatic […]

Mar 152012

Accidents can be terrible events that can change our lifestyle forever. Most accident victims have trouble with filing accident claims therefore many cases don’t have a favorable outcome for the victims,especially when they don’t hire the help of a solicitor. There are some things though that can make this entire process a lot easier so […]

Jan 302012

Brain Injury Definition This injury refers to those which lead to the brain. This injury varies from a swell to the head to the severe damage to brain. Cause of Brain Injury The main cause of this type of injury is direct blow to the head. This may happen due to many reasons – accidents, […]